Atlantic Hurricane Season: Jerry, Karen and Lorenzo Hit in One Week

We’ve been so caught up with our hazy conditions that NewsLemak has decided to bring attention to environmental issues in our Western counterparts. Over here, it’s the heat and haze but there, it’s depression and downpour.

The Atlantics suffer through this season from June to November. At this midpoint, we’ve seen Hurricanes A-I (Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dorian, Erin, Fernand, Gabrielle, Humberto and Imelda). Imelda caused devastation in Texas on September 19th, bringing record-breaking floods in southeast Texas before weakening 3 days ago.

Governer Greg Abbott declares state of disaster in 13 counties

Hurricane Jerry

Tropical Storm Jerry started just as Imelda dissipated and is currently ongoing. Fortunately, the National Hurricane Center predict its pathway to avoid land areas, just northeast of the Bahamas.

Credit: National Hurricane Center
Imagery of Hurricane Jerry tracking

Hurricane Karen

The same cannot be said about Karen. Hurricane Karen deterred from a tropical storm into a depression yesterday. Although a storm is categorised as a storm at 75mph, Karen had deterred to 35mph by Monday as it moved northwest towards Puerto Rico. It’s potential damage urged the National Hurricane Center to send out a tropical storm warning for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Karen strength increased and makes landfall tonight at Puerto Rico, bringing with it flash floods and mudslides to the islands.

Credit: National Hurricane Center
Imagery of Hurricane Karen tracking

Hurricane Lorenzo

Tropical Storm Lorenzo formed today at 5am with winds of 65mph. Forecast shows it will strengthen into a hurricane as it aims westward from African coast into the Atlantic with predicted winds of 115mph by Thursday. Thankfully, according to National Hurricane Center, this 5-day onslaught clears its’ pathway from touching land, posing no threat as it stays in the the mid-Atlantic.

Credit: National Hurricane Center
Imagery of Hurricane Lorenzo tracking

Mother Nature packs a punch, and now that we’ve survived our turn and the haze seems to be relenting, it would only be humane for us to send our thoughts and well-wishes to those living in the impacted areas; especially those affected by Hurricane Karen.

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