Google’s New Social Gaming Platform: Google Arcade

Google is building a social gaming start-up called Google “Arcade”

The Google Arcade platform is built by a former Facebook intern, Michael Sayman. The 21-year-old mobile application entrepreneur and software engineer entered the world of technopreneurship at the age of 17.

Michael Sayman
Michael Sayman (@michaelsayman). Image from Twitter

Sayman left the social media giant, Facebook for Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. just last year; since then he is credited as Arcade’s founder and co-owner.

Michael Sayman, founder of Arcade
Michael Sayman (right) and Mark Zuckerberg. Image from

Arcade won’t be tied to any existing social platform and it will instead let the users will create a new account based on their existing phone number.  Google have confirmed Arcade’s existence to Bloomberg.

But for now, Google did not provide any further details other than the project being “focused on mobile gaming with friends.”

Google Arcade first app will debut this summer and feature trivia game elements

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