Why so salty?: Greta Thunberg edition

How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it

Marcus Aurelius
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Did you really think we’d be calling out Greta, a 16 year old for fighting on behalf of our toxic planet? On the contrary, we’d like to dedicate this post to the many Baby Boomers and GenX that have mercilessly rained down criticism and plain cyber-bullied the child and her voice into a cringe-inducing screech. Albeit, she is far from it. These adults only prove Greta’s point by flushing down her warnings as left-wing-conspired messages to throw the Republicans off their game.

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Before we pull out the facts, let’s just be kind and logical to Greta’s sentiments. This Swedish student had given up much of her schooling to stand outside her country’s Parliament with the now famous sign reading “School strike for climate”. Every Friday, she alone would hold these strikes from August 2015, dubbing it a day to dedicate our voices for stronger climate change efforts. She started this movement as a single individual and the sacrifices she has had to make had no political agenda except to turn on the world’s governments themselves and tear them down for their ignorance thus far. When and how did this become a political?

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Instead of listening to her speech objectively, even if it means ignoring the fact that a child was brought to tears at the enormity of climate exploitation for the survival of men’s luxurious lifestyles, they have lashed out for many other unsubstantiated reasons to invalidate Greta herself. The most viral being the picture above. And unfortunately which some believed to be real, the adulterated version below:

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The disappointment felt by the younger generation towards their predecessors is palpable, especially when reading the tweets shared by political leaders attacking Greta’s credibility as a child with a “mental illness”.

Unfortunately, the condescending comments don’t stop at mentally condemning the child, not even just undermining her capabilities by calling her a child, but also by implicating her hysterical and emotional speech towards a natural female response to anxiety; anxiety here defined as a groundless fear for climate change.

From the many tweets and posts lashing out at the sentiment shared by many a millennial, studies have shown that these are mostly men in powerful positions discriminating an influential young girl by her gender, age and mental impairment. No one would disagree with Greta unless they had more to lose from restoration efforts than further exploitation.

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Montreal Strike 27/9

What gives us hope is the half a million that walked with Greta last Friday at Montreal. The movement is gaining traction and we applaud Greta for her efforts in the past year. A theory on message framing supports this little girl’s cause and sheds the spotlight on the oligarchs of our time: what media reports may not tell us exactly what to think, but it does guide us on what to think about. Unfortunately, many in this time are against thinking about where the planet stands as long as these forest fires free up good amount of space to breed sufficient meat. Greta, great message, wrong market.

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