Kitchen Utensils You Didn’t Know You Needed

We appreciate the novelty from scrolling through Lazada and Shopee finding home-ware, especially these kitchen utensils that shouldn’t garner our attention but gets us going


In this edition of “Urban Inventions We Could Totally Do Without But Obsessively Need”

1. Scoop up one of these Smart Tongs

Smart Tongs
Credit: Lazada

Imagine this: Fries from pan to plate in one scoop and not one fry lost. Made of silicone, these tongs work as a spatula too so “flip, cradle, grab, or scoop” with these bad boys. Forget about those oil splashes You can get a pair from Lazada for RM 14.90 and watch your kitchen skills flourish while you evade oil splashes.

2. Seal the Deal with the Handy Sealer

Handy Sealer
Credit: Lazada

Sick of pulling out aired-out chips from yesterday’s baggie? This RM5.90 handheld plastic sealer is used for resealing bread, biscuits and leftover chips. Forget rubber bands and not-so-airtight containers that don’t really get the job done and take up space in the refrigerator. Leave it out cause there’s no way creepy-crawlies will find a way in.

3. Do All-In-One All-In-One: Pull-String Food Processor

Credit: Lazada

Kitchen prep is the first and biggest reason why people don’t like cooking but with the Pull-String Food Processor, chop, dice, grind, cut or shred virtually anything in this ingenius invention. For RM 13.90, make salads, hummus, minced meat, garnishing or whatever it is that puts you off cooking in the kitchen in the first place.

4. Strain the Strain with Multipurpose Strainer

Credit: Lazada
VAYu 9-in-1
Credit: Lazada

Granted, the previous product for those of us with no time for the finer things in life, like plating or uniformity. We’ve picked out something a little more pricey at RM 30.40 but replaces knives and cutting boards altogether!

With 7 different blades, you can choose to slice, shred, or grate to the thickness you prefer.

The VAYu’s comes 2-ply as a washing basket with a simple tilting system that allows for easy drainage. You know you’re icky if you pick the little lettuce pieces out of the sink and back into the bowl.

5. Ditch the Sponge for the Dish Brush

Dish Brush
Credit: Lazada

How is it that in 2019, most Asian households still double dip their sponges? The Soap Dispensing Dish Brush is, in our very millennial opinion, the most useful kitchen utensil. You see, there are rumours that we don’t especially revel in wrinkled fingers and floaties in the dishwasher soap. With the Dish Brush for only RM 13.50, the sponge head can be used for non-stick surfaces and the brush for sinks, crusty pots and pans. On an economical note, it saves water, soap and kitchen rags.

Investing in new inventions don’t just update your home and save your energy but it motivates you to try new things and possibly get back into old habits. So don’t be afraid to change routines; new tech may seem unnecessary but it’s meant to help us weave through our busy lives and make time for taking care of ourselves. Catch us for new inventions to make your lives that much easier. Embrace the change!

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