Storm Area 51: Raid Turned Rave

With due caution, Matty Roberts officially backed out of the Facebook event he started earlier in the year: Storm Area 51: They can’t stop all of us. Roberts’ plans garnered the attention of 3.5 million Facebook users and probably just as many memes that trended over the course of Summer 2019. It went viral so much so that the US government was forced to declare a state of emergency this weekend and the last in two Nevada state counties.

Those of us on the other side of the world have been bombarded with memes all over our Instagram feed where Alien enthusiasts and general Meme Lords are set to “see them aliens”.

Air Force has expressed their discouragement of illegally trespassing on government restricted areas. The September 20th – 22nd events saw travellers from across the world already making their way into Las Vegas since Wednesday. Some “adventure travellers” have also tested the trespass theory and found out the camo men were not messing around.

Riding off the raid, Nevada state locals have been planning concerts like Area 51 Celebration. The original Alienstock Festival decided to join forces with them instead of single-handedly drawing the attention of the US armed officials in Rachel, Nevada. It seems the respect for the country’s threats to open fire were duly awarded to the US government but Roberts’ passion for the extraterrestrials assures those of like-minds that nobody really can stop them all from appreciating and celebrating their existence.

There is an expected 10,000+ attendees at Alienstock Festival today at Rachel, Nevada eventhough on the 9th, Roberts’ and his crew relocated the event to Downtown Las Vegas. They’ve also sent out a public statement:

It seems that the mere magnitude of awareness the event has garnered has set off many parties; the locals expressed their disagreement with attendees and other festival organisers in “taking over” the town of Rachel for the festival. Locals have strongly advised against tourists who were not fit to cope with the hot desert weather, lack of grocery stores, petrol stations and cellular coverage. All of which are the reasons for Roberts’ waver in being responsible for a rave gone wrong.

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It started off innocent, a satirical joke if you will but we’ve all underestimated the power of the Internet once again. It perked up people from all over the world: conspiracy theorists, alien enthusiasts and radical meme-makers. Would it really be so far fetched to say some of these millennials would be daring enough to try something today?

Two young Dutch men, aged 21 and 20, have already been arrested on the 10th for trespassing 3 miles deep into the restricted area. The Youtubers were sentenced to 1 year in jail but it was suspended. Instead, the two were made to pay $2,280 each and turn in their recording equipment.

Over here in Malaysia, we’re saved by distance, time and a government preoccupied with more Earthly issues…like debts. We’ll wait for the end of the weekend to make sure no typical raider tries to make their way pass the gates; A typical raider being a Kyle with a Monster Energy drink, wearing a “If you shoot me, you’re gay” t-shirt and doing the Naruto run to dodge bullets. Don’t ask us, we just keep up with the memes.

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For the crackheads
For the Naruto Runners
For the Monster jocks
For the Kyles and the Gays
One for the fear of the US Army
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