Sulli Choi Dead on 14th Oct

K-pop singer Sulli found dead at her home.

The K-pop singer Sulli, from the F(x) girl group was found dead. It is suspected a suicide caused by mental health pressures.

The 25-year-old k-pop idol started her career as a child actress back in 2005 and later joined a girl group as a teenager. In 2014, she announced her retirement from the music industry. She stated then that she was mentally and physically drained after suffering from malicious critiques and false rumours online. She formally left her band the following year to resume an acting career.

Following a year later, she took a huge leap in exposing the truth about mental issues and how is affects everyone.

If Sulli found dead from by taking her own life, it would highlight the huge pressures on K-pop stars exerted by exploitative management companies and demanding fans and the lack of mental health support.

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