Yoona “To You” has been released!

Yoona “To You” has been released!

Im Yoon-ah (also known as Yoona), recently release her new MV teaser “To You”. Many of fans and previous fan’s of SNSD are in love with the music.

So you know Yoona is previously from the kpop girl group known as Girls’ Generation (or also known as SNSD).

This song was created during the show “Hyori’s Homestay 2,” having Lee Sang Soon to compose the tracks and YoonA writing up the lyrics.

This meaningful song combining with her angelic voice, caused many of netizen to fall in love with her even more. Here are some of the reactions:

YOONA - To You - Youtube comments

So without further adieu, here’s the music video you’ve been waiting. Watch YoonA singing ‘To You’ in MV teaser for her special release with Lee Sang Soon:

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