Contributor Guidelines

Yes, Be A News Lemak Contributor ! News Lemak is looking for more content contributor; but before you apply with us, please read below. Thanks News Lemak Contributor

What we look for:

  1. Someone who loves writing…(duh!)
  2. Have a small amount (not too many) DNA of a GRAMMAR nazi?
  3. You can easily write more that 500 words… in a duration of 5 hours? (That’s like 100 words an hours… we are being too nice… seriously)
  4. You totally understand the concept of paraphrasing and know how to use it; And you dislike plagiarism too.
  5. Do you hate ‘Fake News
  6. Our content are typically trending contents and contents that related to the heart and soul of every Malaysian. But we are always open to any sort of interesting articles. 🙂

If you are all the above… feel FREE to EMAIL us at

If you are interested to know our Menglish (Malaysian-English) writing style read more at :


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